Feel like Congress doesn’t listen? New app lets your voice be heard

Are you looking to make your voice heard on how your legislators vote? Well, now there’s an app for that!

Capitol Bells just released a new social network. The goal? “To modernize the way Congress and constituents interact on pressing legislation, letting us objectively grade the performance of Congress and reach our friends who don’t normally participate in national politics,” Ted Henderson, founder of Capitol Bells, told Sweet Lemon.

The new social network on the existing app allows users to voice their opinion on various bills currently being debated in Congress by posting “motions” — which are tweet-ready posts written by users looking to communicate their reason for supporting or opposing a piece of legislation. Based on whether you “agree” or “disagree” with the legislation your vote will be cast and your representative will be able to see how their constituents are feeling about certain issues.

“Unlike phone calls and letters, CapitolBells.com is designed for the increasing important of social media as a means of mass communication, and it will facilitate members’ ability to harness and gauge the level of support on any legislation,” Henderson wrote. “The idea is for anyone to be able to explain what the bill means to me and gives them a voice to weigh in on the issues.”

At a time when Congress is struggling with American approval and a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that  54% of Americans want to replace every member of Congress, this app could help Americans voice their opinion directly to their representative — and maybe get their message through.

According to Henderson over 9,000 users subscribe to Capitol Bells, including about 250 members of Congress. “Members use our app every day to find out how their constituents are voting” so that they will be better able to properly represent them. After all, we’re the ones who put them in office to do just that: represent!

“Congress isn’t just about votes; it’s about what the people say too,” Henderson reminded Sweet Lemon. True. So what are you waiting for? Download Congressional Bells and let your voice be heard!


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