Suave’s stepping up their game

Trips to Dry Bar? Expensive. Salon hair products? Also expensive.

When you want to look like a million bucks while in debt, it’s a game of penny pinching.  Thankfully, drugstore brands like Suave have really stepped up their game.  While not new, the Suave Professionals line has come up with some spectacular alternatives to luxury brand hair care products. Not that there was anything wrong with drug store shampoos and conditioners before this movement, but there was certainly a hierarchy of hair care products.  Well the playing field has definitely been evened.

suave by kkn1120 featuring Kerastase

Brands such as Moroccan Oil, Aveda, and Kerastase are incredibly hard to find and are usually used in very high end salons.  At upwards of $20 per bottle, these brands are a treat-yo-self type product.  On the opposite side of the price spectrum the Suave line averages around $5 per bottle.  While you don’t really know how well a product works until you try it, it is literally a small price to pay to test it out.

So what are you doing this Friday night? Because I’m definitely washing my hair.


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