Putting the ‘Morning After’ in the M.A.B’s & M.A.C’s

Rebecca Minkoff

I became an official Rebecca Minkoff fan after my fabulous intern friend Alanna introduced me to her gorgeous bags by sporting a M.A.C. around the store we worked in. Previous to this encounter, I was able to see some of Rebecca’s designs at fashion week a few seasons back, and I really fell in love with her aesthetic. Anything edgy and sexy and you’ve sold me, however she also loves to play with color, which is another must for me in terms of wardrobe. She exemplifies everything playful, young, and NYC, which is why she has quickly become the go-to designer for young women and celebrities around the world.

Her claim to fame comes from her handbags, more specifically her first handbag design which she dubbed the “Morning After Bag” or the “M.A.B.” Then came the M.A.C.’s (Morning After Clutches) and now she’s onto mini M.A.C’s, M.A.B mini’s, M.A.C. Daddy’s- you name it; girls around the world are obsessing over these Morning After bags…myself included!

Not only does Rebecca make drool worthy accessories, shes also paving the way for the fashion industry in the social media space. This past November Rebecca was awarded ‘Marketer of the Year’ at the 2012 Footwear News Achievement Awards, which comes as no surprise: her & are MUST follows, her blog RMedit is super cute, and shes has also become a YouTube sensation this past summer with her music video.

As some of you may be wondering who Vincent is: he’s one of Rebecca’s master creations. Inside every Morning After bag, there’s a little business card with a guys picture on the front, and a handwritten “call me” on the back, complete with a phone number and the guy’s signature: Vincent. When you call the number you reach the sexy-French-accent voice recording of Vincent, where you can leave a voice-mail, or visit his friend ‘Rebecca’ at her website. Ummmm, how cute is that!? Putting the ‘Morning After’ in her Morning After bags, this little something extra is a brilliant marketing tool.

The YouTube video that followed, is Rebecca dancing around and being silly with friends Leandra Medine (The ManRepeller) and Hilary Rhoda, putting their twist on hit song ‘Call Me Maybe’ with ‘Call Me Vincent’.

I love smart, powerful business women, and Rebecca Minkoff is one of my all time favorites. Kicking-ass one M.A.C. at a time, Rebecca is showing the fashion industry how it’s done.


Rebecca Minkoff
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