The Return of the Boy Band

Do you hear that high pitched screaming? It’s not teenyboppers going crazy for Bieber or One Direction. It’s not even ladies swooning over the sexy timbre of JT or Usher. No, what you hear is women in their 20s reliving their teenage years as the boy bands from the past are making a major comeback!

This summer, I was lucky enough to see the Backstreet Boys in concert. They’re celebrating their 20th Anniversary, and although it makes me feel a little old, I definitely remember their early years as eager teens. The Boys are older and wiser now. They’ve been through a lot and helped each other through some difficult times. All five of them are either engaged or married, and several of them have kids. But, let me tell you, they look good, they sound better than ever, and they can still shake it!

The current Backstreet Boys tour is a mix of old favorites and new songs from their . It’s obvious that their sound has evolved, and their latest album is the first that they wrote and produced all on their own. There were a lot of 20 somethings at the concert, but there were also a good number of teenagers. Although it was weird to think that they weren’t even alive when BSB got together, I’m glad that a new generation of fans is forming.

The Backstreet Boys aren’t the only ones re-imagining themselves this year. New Kids on the Block released a new album in April, and they’re touring with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees. All of these groups recognize and accept that they aren’t the same people they were when they started. In fact, the Backstreet Boys took a break in the middle of their high energy dance sets to sit down with their instruments and play some acoustic songs. They’re older, and they own it. This openness and honesty are admirable, and their unending gratitude for their fans and each other makes you love them even more.  Backstreet is definitely back!



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By Sam Tananbaum

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  • Reply August 25, 2013

    Kathy Nguyen

    did you go to the one at jiffy lube live too? i died.