The Miley Machine

The latest chapter in the Miley Cyrus saga is her Bangerz tour which is, well, exactly what anyone who follows pop culture would expect it to be – explicit, outrageous, and sold out (The Daily Beast). I say anyone who follows pop culture, not the starlet specifically, because the fact of the matter is, if you follow one, you follow the other. You can’t escape Miley these days.

Miley 2


I debated choosing this topic to write about. Frankly, I’ve done my best to avoid thinking about Miley Cyrus at all ever since the infamous MTV Music Video Awards, if not solely for the reason that she was all anyone was thinking about for a while. I’ve read all the opinions, from those that think she’s a modern day feminist to those who claim she’s the devil incarnate. Then there are those who believe that she’s a genius in disguise, transforming herself into this scandalous persona for a very specific reason – for publicity. These are the people that interest me because they offer an original viewpoint, not one that’s just black or white, feminist or religious.

Let me start by saying, I get it. Being in the advertising industry myself, I see their reasoning: her record and concert sales have skyrocketed since her antics started last summer and she’s taken her fame to a level that was likely never achievable with her Hannah Montana image accompanying her like baggage from a bad break-up.

Ipso facto, she’s not really certifiably crazy, she’s a marketing genius? I’m not convinced. My question is, how far is too far for fame and fortune? Even if her stunts are all part of a carefully planned advertising campaign, what kind of person, male or female, would allow themselves to be represented in such a negative light for essentially a pay bump? Take away the moral and sexual issues most people harp on and ask whether someone who is so motivated by fame, to the point of self-defamation, is a good role model.

Yes, I see the irony that by writing this I’m only promoting the Miley discussion, but hey, I had to throw my two cents in. What’s your opinion on the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana? Brilliant money-making machine, or someone who could benefit from a little therapeutic self-reflection, potentially aided by a person of the professional persuasion?


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