Frozen Covers You Have to Watch NOW

{Image via Something Cinematic}

{Image via Something Cinematic}

Okay, so I’ve been on a Frozen kick ever since I saw the movie. I mean, it’s got a great cast, plot and songs to sing and dance to. Also Frozen won 34 awards, including a Golden Globe and two Oscars for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song. I was scrolling through YouTube and I found some covers of “Let it Go” () that you need to watch right now. The original song was for the most part composed with an orchestra, and Menzel’s vocals create an amazing powerful anthem for one of the main characters, Elsa. These covers are literally amazing, and you’ll be singing “Let it Go” through your houses, dorms and apartments alike.

#1-“Let it Go” Africanized Tribal Cover by Alex Boyé

This first cover by Alex Boyé I was blown away by. In this video created by Alex Boyé, he plays the “ice king” who re-mastered the song and “Africanizes” it. Complete with the One Voice Children’s Choir, tribal drums and Lexi Walker, a young girl with a powerhouse voice that replaces Menzel in this song, Alex Boyé absolutely kills it. It’s one of those videos that you have to replay hundreds of times because it’s such a great combination of voices and music composition that you’re instantly addicted. This video alone has over 25 million views (the first million may or may not be from me) on YouTube and climbing daily! You can check out Alex Boyé’s other amazing videos and download his rendition of “Let it Go” on iTunes here.

#2-“Let it Go” Cover by Michelle Montezeri

This next cover is from 20-year-old Florida native . In Michelle’s video, she even has blue hair underneath the rest of her hair to go with the Frozen theme. Michelle’s cover is strictly piano, but she makes the cover her own and gives “Let it Go” a new twist. Michelle also covers “” by Beyonce and “” by Katy Perry. Check out her cover of “Let it Go” below!

#3-“Let it Go”/ “Let Her Go” by Sam Tsui

The final cover that I found is a mashup by Sam Tsui. This cool mashup of Frozen’s “Let it Go” and “Let Her Go” by Passenger is done entirely with piano. Sam Tsui is extremely talented and exemplifies this in his video by playing the piano, singing and mashing up both songs at the same time. Sam Tsui has also covered songs like, “” by Lady Gaga, and another mashup with

What was your favorite cover?


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