The Midwestern Girl’s Guide for Classy Dates on a Budget


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Summer love is in the air! Long hot days are perfect for sipping milkshakes and holding hands. Warm evenings are full of splendid sunsets and stolen kisses for summer lovers. If you’re a Midwestern gal on the look out for classy dates that leave cash in your pocket, consider a short road trip with your guy (or best friend) in tow and make some summer memories!

1. Cascade Drive In :: Chicago, IL
Classic, classy summer dating is epitomized at the drive in. For decades, dates have snuggled up in truck beds or on a blanket in the grass to watch the big screen under the stars. The Cascade Drive In in West Chicago is open 7 days a week, with dealson Tuesday ($14 per car), discounted from the regular $9 ticket price per person. When indoor movie tickets are twice the price and lack the romantic nostalgia of a drive in, the road trip to Cascade is worth the experience!
History, art, and class collide in the behemoth structure of the St. Louis Gateway Arch. While St. Louise offers many attractions for young lovers, like The Gelateria in South Grand, nothing compares to the enormity of the Gateway Arch. Tram rides to the top of the Arch are $10 for adults and when you arrive at the top, you’ll see breath-taking views, peeks into American history, and if you time it right, a gorgeous sunset from your seat in the sky.
Your first thought may be, “Bowling? Since when is that a classy date?” and you would be right. However, duck pin bowling is a whole different ball game. This game consists of small bowling balls and pins, with three bowls per turn. The game developed in 1900 in Maryland and was one of Babe Ruth’s favorite games! With a retro atmosphere, duck pin bowling puts a spin on the classic game, costs $30 for a lane for an hour, and because of the smaller equipment, can be played in a dress and pearls! Even cooler for Mid-Westerners, the game is popular on the East Coast but Indianapolis houses the only 2 authentic locations in the Midwest!

Happy summer loving, classy ladies!

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