Austin Eats: Dessert Hotspots

After last week’s article on where to go and what to wear for a night out on West 6th Street, I thought it might be fun to switch over to food – specifically my favorite: desserts. So here it is, my tips on where one should go for a yummiful treat, be it for a cupcake, a macaroon, candy, or ice cream.


First things first – the mecca: Big Top Candy Shop. If you have a sweet tooth, look no further than this South Congress staple. Last time I visited the store, I’m fairly certain I bought several pounds of gummies and chocolates. My favorites were the salted caramel truffles and the sundae truffles. Big Top Candy Shop also has an amazing creation called a Double Bacon Chocolate Bar. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

Now for one of my favorite places to munch in Austin: Walton’s Fancy and Staple on West 6th Street. Not only is it a delicatessen and bakery, Walton’s also has floral arrangements for purchase and adorable antiques scattered throughout the bistro. I love their lunch options – particularly the turkey sweet sandwich and the spinach and arugula salad – but their desserts are really what takes the cake. Excuse my pun. The bistro has an amazing selection of macaroons and cakes. The spiced chocolate macaroon is particularly good, while the “mini cakes” are as cute as they sound.

Next up: Bananarchy. Bananarchy’s frozen bananas are some of my favorite summertime treats in Austin. The Bananarchy food trailer is located on South 1st Street and is home to the many flavor combinations one can make with frozen bananas. Chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter…choose whatever tickles your fancy and then add toppings galore (M&Ms, Oreos, etcetera). I would suggest getting a half-sized banana (the full-sized one is a little frightening, even for this banana lover).

And now for some honorable mentions:

1. Amy’s Ice Cream has several locations throughout Austin. Don’t forget to ask about crush-ins and their flying ice creams! My favorite treat is to get one scoop of white chocolate ice cream, with Oreos and M&Ms crushed in.

2. Tiff’s Treats also has several locations throughout Austin. Better yet, they deliver! I always turn to Tiff’s whenever I want some homemade cookies but I’m too lazy to make them myself. I must admit: Tiff’s cookies are often even better than my own creations!

3. Last but not least: Whole Foods on North Lamar. This location is home to enough sweets to drive a person insane. Between the chocolate bar and the bakery, my sweet tooth’s cravings are more than satisfied. The cookies taste homemade and the toffee is better than homemade!

By Amanda Kushner

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