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Let’s get something straight: I’m by no means a food critic. To put it simply, I’m a food lover. I can’t tell you which pasta sauce pairs well with which wine, but I can tell you which foods will make your tastebuds explode with joy.

Umi Sushi opened in Atlanta’s Buckhead community about eight weeks ago and I think I’ve dined there at least once 7 out of 8 of those weeks. Reason being: the food is unbelievable. Moreover, it’s now become a friend favorite. Almost every time I’ve gone I’ve managed to post a photo on my , so now when deciding to eat somewhere friends say “Paris, can we go to that sushi place you always post pictures of?”  Not to mention, Umi is the brainchild of my talented friend Farshid Arshid.

sushi_01If you’re dining at Umi Sushi for the first time, I’ve got some recs for you.

First: Spicy Tuna Tartare. The combination of the tuna with avocado, lychee fruit, and pine nuts makes this dish incredibly delicious. If you want to try some nigiri, I would definitely try the Hinomaru, which in Japanese means “flag.” And if you look at the photo of the nigiri (top right), you can see that it kind of looks like the Japanese flag. This nigiri has a tangy flavor because it’s soaked in Yuzu (Japanese mandarin orange)  juice – so if you’re looking for a refreshing and zesty pop of flavor, this dish would be it. Another fabulous nigiri is the Otoro nigiri with caviar and jalapeño (this nigiri – “pictured” above – is clearly one of my favorites, as I took the liberty of attempting to draw it on my new Wacom tablet). If you’re planning on ordering a roll, I would definitely go for the Crunchy Lobster Box. Finally, no meal is complete without dessert. You can probably find me at the corner table at Umi inhaling the warm red bean beignets with green tea ice cream. If you’ve never tried red bean, fear not, it’s sweet and kind of tastes like a sweet potato.

A big thank you to Farshid, and thank you Umi, for bringing unbelievable sushi with impeccable service back to Atlanta.

To make a reservation at Umi, check out their page on Open Table or call (404) 841-0040. To get the latest on what’s cookin’, rollin’ and happenin’ at Umi, check out their . And remember, if you plan on hopping on the sake train, please reserve an Uber.


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  • Reply August 7, 2013

    Tiffany Style Blog

    Now I’m craving Umi again! Soooooo good! Thank you for taking me there Paris! I still think it is seriously the best sushi I’ve ever had. PS – can we go back next week? xo