Show Your Spirit

Since I went off to college, then moved to Manhattan, I’m often asked the same first question when I tell people that I grew up in Pittsburgh: “Are you a Steelers fan?” I always laugh and tell them that if you’re from Pittsburgh, you don’t have much of a choice. Black and gold runs through your blood. I have awesome memories of attending Steelers games in the bitter cold with my dad and brother, complete with a painted face and hand warmers in my gloves. I’ve even had the privilege of watching my team win two Superbowls (ahem…six total) in my lifetime. Yes, I am a true female NFL fan.

However, for as much as I love my team, this post isn’t just about the Steelers. Growing up, I often wore kids jerseys and bulky sweatshirts to keep warm while watching games. Now that I spend my Sundays watching at the local bars with fans from all over the country, I’ve been looking for more creative and stylish clothing to show my fanship. No matter what your favorite team is, many companies now offer very feminine NFL gear to wear on gameday. I only have one rule: No. Pink. There is no NFL team that rocks a pink jersey, so you shouldn’t either. The only pink that I love is when the league partners with Susan G. Komen in October to support breast cancer research. That shade of pink will always be in style.

While I recently attended a Giants pre-season game to cheer on one of New York’s teams, I only went as far as wearing a plain blue shirt. For the rest of the season, you’ll find me strictly wearing black and gold. Here are a few great ways to show your spirit. If you click on the below links, you can find these pieces for your team, too.

Show Your Spirit
1. Reebok Breast Cancer Awareness Structured Adjustable Coaches Hat              2. Women’s Steel Encircled Tri-Blend V-Neck T-Shirt                                                    3. Women’s Onside Kick 3/4 Sleeve Tee                                                                                4. Nike Tempo 3.5” NFL Shorts                                                                                                 5. Victoria’s Secret Racerback Tank                                                                                       6. NikeiD Dunk Low NFL Shoe


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