Lilly Pulitzer Mirror DIY

I was browsing Pinterest and saw a ton of cute crafts using Lilly fabric, but couldn’t find the materials it anywhere! That’s when I realized that I could decorate a number of things with the same effect for almost no cost using the leftover pages from last years’ planner. I chose to Lilly-fy a mirror for my apartment entryway, but this could work for anything- photo frames, book covers, you name it!


What you’ll need:

A wooden mirror (found at most craft stores)

Mod Podge. I uses the matte, but glossy can be cute too!

A foam paintbrush or craft sponge

An old Lilly Pulitzer agenda, or any fun patterned paper.


What to do:

1.    Rip out the patterned pages of the planner and cut the pieces to fit the frame. Get creative! I cut out some of the critters and layered them over other patterns on the frame, but patchwork would work as well.

2.    Remove the glass from the mirror frame or photo frame.

3.    Liberally apply Mod Podge directly onto the wood of the frame using the brush or sponge. Place the paper scraps on the frame and arrange them as you wish.

4.    Gently apply a coat of Mod Podge over the base layer. Let dry, and repeat.

5.    Add the second layer of cutouts, if applicable. Let dry

6.    Hang on the wall and enjoy!


We love having this mirror in our hallway for last minute touchups before we run out the door. These also make great gifts- I had scraps leftover that I used later for other crafts!

lilly pulitzer
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