25 Before 25 Check In

Last July, my first Sweet Lemon post included my 25 Before 25 list. While it’s not necessarily a bucket list, it’s a list of 25 things I hoped to do before my 25th birthday this July. For the first few months, I kept close tabs on the list and diligently made plans to cross off each item. Somewhere along the way, life happened. Shocking, right? Before I touch on that, let’s see where I am, with about four months left. Click the links for pictures and fun resources:

1. Receive a promotion at work – August 2012
2. Move to a new apartment in downtown Manhattan – August 2012
3. Create a piece of art to display in my new apartment – August 2012
5. Consistently volunteer time to a charity of my choice – Started July 2012 with She’s the First.
6. Read a new book every other week – Okay, so it’s not quite this often. Currently reading .
8. Find and make the most of having a career mentor – August 2012. Check out Levo League’s new initiative.
10. Stop eating out, start grocery shopping and cooking – Wanting to try this recipe very soon.
12. Contribute a second time to an online magazine – Sweet Lemon (Sept, Nov, Jan) & Twin Stripe (Fall, Winter)
13. Cast a well-educated vote in the 2012 Election – November 2012
14. Save a portion of money from every paycheck – In progress. Have you downloaded the LearnVest app?
15. Backup my current laptop and buy a new one – November 2012
19. Attend a conference of some kind – October 2012
21. Travel to at least five different states – Four down (SC, NC, NJ, UT)
24. Streamline my social media presence – Let’s connect! , ,
4. Run an organized race, such as a 5K – This is going to happen. No, seriously.
7. Switch my license from South Carolina to New York – Also needs to happen soon.
9. Take a cooking class – Who’d like to do this with me?
11. Become active in NYC’s Sigma Kappa alumnae chapter – Haven’t looked into this yet but will.
16. See another Broadway show – Wicked is still at the top of the list.
18. Take an ongoing class, such as Spanish or dance – I’m thinking yoga will be my choice.
20. Surprise someone in a very big way – Plans are already in the works for May. Shhh!
22. Compile a book of recipes from friends and family – I mean, as long as I’m cooking…

17. Create and send holiday cards – Don’t really have an excuse, but definitely next year.
23. Prepare and file my own taxes – Thanks, Dad. Also, next year? 25. Start and keep my own blog for a full year – Started August 2012, but stopped in November.

As I said, life happened. In 2013, I have accomplished some things that I hadn’t even dreamed of adding to this list. I attended my first film festival in a state I’d never been to in January. I was offered and accepted a new job in February. I also spoke at my alma mater’s Professional Discovery Week in February. And so much more. Sometimes, the plans you make have to give way to unexpected amazingness. For now, I’m just trying my best to soak up one day at a time.
25 before 25
Have you ever made a similar list? What goals are you trying to accomplish?
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