Planning the Perfect Girls’ Night In

Be it for manicures or for sanity, sometimes you just need a night in with the girls. If you’re planning to host a girls’ night in, I’ve gathered some ideas and activities to make this a real treat. I recommend sending invitations by snail mail to really make the occasion special, and if you plan for manicures, ask them to bring a nail polish or two.
Planning the Perfect Girls' Night In
One of the best things about staying in with your girlfriends? You can wear whatever you want. Nothing shameful about yoga pants and your boyfriend’s t-shirt when you’re hanging out at home, right? As for food, it wouldn’t be a girls’ night without some delicious eats. Party favorites like spicy baked green bean “fries” and white pizza dip with baguette and veggies are easy to fix yet decadent. Keep the drinks light with water and lemon and a bottle of prosecco. To satisfy your friends’ sweet tooths, try making a homemade funfetti cake or buy some macarons! (Or be extra naughty and have both…) People love to gather in the kitchen, and you’ll find yourself chatting and gossiping most of the night here.

If you manage to herd everyone into the living room, try making some gold tube bracelets and trade with friends. Who doesn’t want a grown-up friendship bracelet? These darling DIY bracelets look designer for a fraction of the cost. Movies are the perfect time to do your nails, especially with flicks on in the background.

At the end of the night, send your friends home with a little favor or two and make plans for another girls’ night soon. If your friends stay over, keep some travel toiletries out for them to use and make some breakfast plans!

What does your ideal girls’ night in look like?

By Jess Gambacurta

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