Add Some Kick to your Kicks

From one fashionista to another, there’s nothing like finding a great DIY project to revamp your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Especially for us not-so-handy guys & gals, it’s even better finding a DIY that you can actually do. I know there has to be someone out there who tried the “marble your nail polish in a cup of water” trick like I did and failed miserably.

My days of doubt in DIY’s however, are now over! After stumbling upon this cute idea on Pinterest, I had to share. Enter: the Good Girl Gone Bad of the canvas shoe world, studded sneaks!
Turns out this a SUPER easy DIY. All you need is a little E-6000 adhesive, and hardware of your choice. Pictured here, they use a flat brass cone from Although a little rough around the edges, this website has a great selection at pretty reasonable prices. For ease of gluing purposes, try and pick a style that has a flat bottom.

Add Some Kick to your Kicks

To achieve this all-over stud look, you’re going to need a bag of ~150. Of course, you can modify to your liking! (see pink ones below) Just add some glue to the back of the stud, place in horizontal lines, and Voilà! You’re very own pair of studded kicks. I’m big on statement pieces, especially when it comes to shoes. Plus- who doesn’t love a great summer project! So dig up that old pair of Keds buried your closet and give them a face lift!

Add Some Kick to your Kicks

For full instructions and photo’s, click here. *all images taken from

Happy DIY-ing!


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