No Dream Job? Don’t Fret!

You just graduated from college and that dream job hasn’t hired you yet? Cool, me neither. So let’s talk about what you could be doing in the mean time. Never did I think I would be stuck in a slump upon college graduation. I’m here to give you a small does of ‘ahem’ Reality Check…Oh those dreadful words…Here’s the thing, it’s not so bad my dear. Let’s go over some points, shall we?

{1} So Vogue hasn’t hired you yet. Big deal! Use your time after graduation to enjoy the small things in life that you couldn’t do WHILE in school. Think of this time as the longest summer vacation ever. A time where you can actually progress on the things you really want to accomplish in life. Such as travel or start up that business you’ve been thinking of. Who knows, maybe that’s what destiny has intended you to do.

Example: I’ve been pouring my extra time into developing new concepts and ideas for my blog by observing cool new ideas around me.
No Dream Job? Don't Fret!

{2} Don’t be a bum and sit at home and cry because no company has hired you yet. Think of other resources! Since my chosen degree field is Fashion Marketing & Management, I decided to continue with the company I worked for during college: Michael Kors (and work in management). It may not be my dream job, but it sure is helping me learn other aspects of the fashion industry. Plus, who could resist an awesome discount?

No Dream Job? Don't Fret!

{3} Don’t stop networking! You never know when Jo Shmoe or Suzy Q will be your next liason to that cool job you’ve been anticipating. Whether by attending events or staying active in social media you’ll sure to come across someone…how about updating that of yours? Better yet, make some business cards! I prefer as my publisher of choice.


No Dream Job? Don't Fret!

{4} Buy a planner. No really, this will be your savior in staying organized while scheduling all these awesome new activities you’ve encountered, or that semi cool job you will land because of your ‘proactiveness.’ But most importantly, it will be your friend when it comes to scheduling time out of your day to apply for one dream job a day. Allow yourself the time to actually search for that job. No one’s going to hand it to you on a silver platter with your name on it! Duh.

Example: Target has affordable (and cute!) ones by Poketo.

No Dream Job? Don't Fret!
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