Finding Your Peace Anytime, Anywhere

Life gets hectic pretty fast these days. We’re constantly updating our Twitter feeds and keeping an eye out for the perfectly Instagrammable moment. Our phones alert us instantly when a new email arrives, bearing all sorts of news and requests. We schedule networking coffee dates in our free time, always with an eye on our careers, our futures, our dreams. We are the non-stop, can’t-sleep, five-things-happening-at-all-times generation. We are accomplishing incredible things! ….and we are worn out. We’re cranky and irritable and too tired, too often.

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In the midst of all this rushing and running, we sometimes forget how important it is to recognize those small, quiet moments each day that exist simply for our enjoyment. Relishing the often overlooked joyful and peaceful moments scattered throughout our days will make for happier, healthier lives.

This is no easy task. To practice peace as purposefully as you train for a marathon or learn a new language, set goals for tranquility like you set professional seminars in your calendar. Remind yourself once an hour during the day to pause for a few seconds and be blissfully, wholly, completely in the moment.


You will love better, smile brighter, laugh longer, and gripe less when you find yourself at peace on a regular basis. Your coworkers will notice what a joy it is to work with you since you always have such a great attitude. Your friends will call you up when they want to be sure they’ll have a great time no matter what the weekend activities hold. Small woodland creatures will hear you singing while doing the dishes and line up to help you with household chores. It’s within our grasp to live this way! Well, maybe without the choreographed critters dusting the mantle, that is.

You can be that girl. The girl who’s voice, mannerisms, and smile can literally make the world around her (and the people in it) better. It’s all about this one little life hack: finding your peace on purpose.


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  • Reply July 18, 2013

    Jenn at Hello, Brio!

    This is a great post. I am making a conscious effort in my own life to live purposefully and really appreciate everything around me, and make the time to unplug and SEE things. I am finding a decent balance and look forward to improving even more in that realm!