Hometown Girl: Life on the Squares’ Stefanie Dasher


Images via Life on the Squares

We all have dreams of travelling the world and escaping the confines of our small hometowns. Stefanie Dasher, lifestyle blogger at Life on the Squares, and our newest Lemon Lady, did just that.

After graduating from Southern Methodist University and feeding an appetite for wanderlust, Dasher returned to her hometown of  Savannah, Georgia. While the blog is about Dasher’s personal life and style, she recognizes that her southern town is a huge part of that. And the name was born, an ode to the famous historic squares in the downtown area.

“I… thought what if I don’t always live in Savannah? While Life on the Squares is not solely about Savannah… Savannah will always be a huge part of that, no matter where I am.” Dasher said.

After Dasher launched her creative outlet, she began to document her life in the gorgeous setting. What started as a fun labor of love turned into a platform for relationships and networking she would have never had before. She even attended a few fashion weeks, BlogShop, and even a forayed into writing for the June/July issue of Sweet Lemon Magazine.


A dedicated lady with a vision, Dasher attributes her blog’s early success to “working hard and being persistent. If you don’t give up, your possibilities are endless.”

With role models like Ivanka Trump, someone who also celebrates an entrepreneurial spirit while still working the family business, Dasher strives to be a person who can do it all (and do it well!)

Keep up with what’s to come with Stefanie and Life on the Squares on her blog, , and .


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