Welcome To The Zesty Digest!

Welcome to Sweet Lemon Magazine‘s newest addition, The Zesty Digest! This is your go-to spot to keep up to date with all things Sweet Lemon. This will be your place to find new zesty recipes, learn about amazing vacation destinations, discover new fashion trends and ideas, become an expert on careers and finances, and lastly, become acquainted with all of our fabulous new Zesty Digest Bloggers! From everyone here at Sweet Lemon Magazine, we welcome you!
This is an exciting week for us; the fifth issue of Sweet Lemon Magazine launches TODAY and our new blog, The Zesty Digest officially launches TOMORROW! 
Welcome To The Zesty Digest!
Once the new work week starts, you will have a page full of zesty posts to read over and become inspired by. You now don’t have to wait for the next issue to launch to get your daily dose of Sweet Lemon Magazine! This blog will have daily content with all things that we feel our readers should know about. It will be fresh and exciting, current and intriguing, and we hope that our readers learn something new every time they come to visit.
The Zesty Digest is a branch of Sweet Lemon Magazine, and we will always provide you with posts that we can picture being in the magazine, but we’re bringing you these posts with a fresh twist of zest every single day! Our bloggers come from a wide range of backgrounds with amazing stories to tell and ideas to share that will connect us with all of our readers around the world. Our goal here was to bring Sweet Lemon Magazine content to our readers every day, so we thought of a great blogging idea, (because who doesn’t love reading about fascinating places and recipes and fashion tips) and as a result, The Zesty Digest was born!
We are so incredibly thrilled to be starting this new endeavor, and we want our readers to know that this is for YOU! Without you, we would not be where we are today; working with some of the most talented young women from across the globe to deliver creative and exciting stories about everything the twenty-something, and the “Jane of All Trades,” should know. Our bloggers are putting their best foot, er lemon, forward and sharing their wonderful ideas and inspiration with the entire Sweet Lemon Community. Get ready for great topics and our zesty posts to go live, TOMORROW! 
(We love the way that sounds, too.)
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