Abercrombie & Fitch hates you

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Abercrombie & Fitch probably hates you.

At least the way interprets their no-curves, we-don’t-want-you-if-you’re-not-a-size-0 marketing strategy. A&F’s non-existent notion of plus size (they don’t even feature sizes XL or XXL on their size chart) made her more than little angry — and it also made clear how important campaigns, like Dove’s for Real Beauty, are to redefining the notion of what and who can be beautiful in today’s society. She writes:

“Abercrombie is the first brand I can remember that bred conformity and told us beauty could only be one thing. Beauty was stick thin, mostly blonde, with a just-so sprinkling of freckles and a hot-white guy who lost his shirt somewhere on the way to her arm. There was nothing else.”

And then we wonder when more Americans approve of Congress than women feel beautiful across the world. But there’s hope.

“One Dove campaign can’t take on Abercrombie alone. It always takes a group of nerds to stand up to the popular kids. But I’ve always had faith in the strength of nerds in large numbers.”

Read more about the struggle to redefine beauty here, in our 10th issue.

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  • Reply July 9, 2013

    Ali Vitali

    What do you guys think can be done to help redefine beauty, be it on the macro marketing level or in your day to day interactions with friends?

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