The Latest Breakfast Food Craze: The Cragel

Here in New York, we know there’s nothing like an authentic New York bagel. I’m sorry, but in other locales, the bagels just don’t compare to this staple of New York cuisine. Anyway, this summer, New Yorkers’ favorite breakfast food turned into the Cronut, a cross between a croissant and a doughnut created by Dominique Ansel Bakery. According to Refinery29, we’re missing out on another creation invented last year—the Cragel.

{Image via We Ate That}

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The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, NY has created a new type of delicious New York fare, a mix between the croissant and a bagel appropriately named the “Cragel.” The Bagel Store, recently featured on Food Network’s “On the Road,” sells this delectable treat for just $2.95!

We’re surprised the Cragel craze hasn’t hit yet, what are we thinking?! For lovers of croissants and bagels, the Cragel will be your new favorite treat. Excuse us while we travel to Brooklyn to try this amazing breakfast food…

Do you like the Cronut? Would you go to The Bagel Store and grab a Cragel?


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