New Orleans Food Truck Outdoes Itself with the King Cake Burger

Forget the Cronut. Forget the Ramen Burger. Forget the Cragel. Even forget Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos. A local New Orleans food truck, aptly named ‘Food Drunk,’ has outdone themselves and introduced us to the King Cake Burger. *Cue jaws dropping everywhere.*

Now, if you are a #n00b and have no idea what King Cake is, book yourself a ticket to Mardi Gras ASAP. I don’t care how much the price is. If the excess booze and 5-day long block party isn’t enough to get you down to the Big Easy, the deliciousness of this Mardi Gras pastry should. While there’s some wonderful religious story on how the king cake came to be, what’s important is that it represents carnival season down in New Orleans, and you’ll see them pop up all over the place a few months before the actual Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday). What’s also fun about king cakes is that there is a little plastic baby hidden inside the cake, and whoever gets the baby (and doesn’t choke on it), has to bring a king cake to the next party. Fun, right?!

Image via Food Drunk

Image via Food Drunk

Now that you know all about king cake, you really need to know about this King Cake Burger. Food Drunk introduced their burger this past week and although I haven’t tried it, you better bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be getting one of those bad boys during Mardi Gras. Having sold out the past few days and blowing up all over social media, I’m sure Food Drunk will have their hands full of this sweet and savory goodness and locals and tourists alike are about to go #HAM on it this carnival season.

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By Zoë Björnson

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