How to Survive Thanksgiving (If You’re a Vegetarian)

Vegetarian Thanksgiving

It’s a tough time of year for vegetable lovers. Though food tolerance and experimentation has grown over the years, we’ve expanded our horizons (and our palates), and wandered over towards the less common food groups (how many here have still never tried a turnip?), it’s still not easy being green.

Don’t worry, though, I’m no hater. Carnivores and herbivores can be pals, of course, and even though this upcoming holiday is often times named after the main course itself, no need to sit by yourself at the outcast table with a plate of lettuce and a side of tears. Turkey Day isn’t just about the turkey!

Get cooking! Whip up a side dish. (See this recipe for Roasted Carrots and Parsnips.) Or, if you’re feeling brave, a main one. Get in touch with the host or hostess and ask if it’s alright, of course, then get creative! There are the thanksgiving staples, of course, hit don’t be afraid to mix up a classic: turn a casserole into a soup or a roasted vegetable dish into kebabs. Either way, make it memorable, and other guests will want seconds AND your recipe.
Throw your own dinner! No one likes a party, well, you know. But if you consistently attend a gathering that doesn’t offer much as far as dinner goes, don’t be afraid to put together a T-Day feast of your own. Invite your fellow vegetarian friends (and family!) for a less than traditional spin on this day-long meal, and then catch up with other relatives just in time for the sweet stuff. Speaking of …

There’s always dessert, girl. Couldn’t get your fill on mashed potatoes and succotash alone? While everyone else is in a turkey-coma, survey the desserts: this is your territory! Not a drumstick in sight. Unless one of your cousins is still riding the bacon-as-cupcake-garnish train (seriously, are we just about through with that?), let there be pie. And lots of it.

Happy Thanksgiving! And yes, gobble-gobble.


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