You Had Me at Parmesan. Meet The Grilled Cheese Social.

I’ve recently found myself in the throes of a love triangle. I know what you’re thinking, “ooo, juicy!” (Probably.)

Grilled Cheese Social

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I pride myself in being non-prejudice when it comes to restaurant menus and the “international” section of the grocery store. That being said, I also have a deep attraction to men, hombres, dudes. So it saddens me to declare that I have found myself in a bit of a catch-22. You see, there’s this guy (and there it is) and he fulfills me the same as a plate of truffle gnocchi with a light dusting of herb-infused pecorino would.

However, this man wants nothing to do with my over-the-top pasta choices. His diet is more of a rotation between pulled pork, tuna sandwiches, and pulled pork; no sauteed green beans in a bacon vinaigrette, no salade mixte topped with a golden medallion of aged fromage de chèvre, no oyster on a half shell with nothing but its own salty goodness. And somehow, he still manages to look like this (images have been changed to protect his identity). So this one’s for you, boo boo, and all of those meals that you won’t want to eat but I’ll try my best to convince you to. C’mon, just one bite.

Introducing the Grilled Cheese Social, an ode to all things grilled and cheesy. The gist is very simple — one website, hundreds of grilled cheese recipes. Ranging from The Underground Lover to The Tortally Radical Dude, you had me at cheddar.

Grilled Cheese Social 2

What’s better than an archive of endless recipes for cheesy, oozy goodness? An archive of endless grilled cheese sandwiches brought straight to you! Though a launch date has yet to be declared, at some point in the (near, we hope) future, Grilled Cheese Social will be dabbling in a bit of catering. But for now, they do indulge in a pop-up event or two every now and then. Never will you have to scour the pages of Pinterest like a recipe deprived zombie again! Although, if you still want to, here’s their  …and because, well, why not.


All Images via Grilled Cheese Social

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