Easy DIY hair layers

finished-lookIt seems that my friends are pretty adventurous with their hair. A month or so ago I dyed my friend’s hair ombre style and a few days ago another one of my friends let me give her a haircut. I have no problem trimming my own hair, but I have to admit I was a little nervous. Especially since the was new to me. She had seen an article on PopSugar Beauty that said cutting hair yourself was doable and “If you want something truly simple, this is probably the easiest way to cut hair if it’s wet: flip your head over, brush it out, and then cut in a straight line all the way across.” Her hair ended up looking great with lots of layers, and it took literally less than 5 minutes. Talk about express service.

How to Cut Hair into Layers

Step 1. Flip head over and comb hair forward. Make sure there are no tangles and decide on the amount you want to cut off. It’s best to leave it a little longer than you think you want it since hair is slightly longer when wet.
Step 2. Cut straight across. Try your best to cut a very straight line right across.
Step 3. Flip back and fix up any too-long hairs. You might also have some stray long hairs that you’ll need to clean up a bit, but I didn’t do any major cutting at this point.
Since it was pretty hot and she has straight hair we just let it air dry.

I’m still in shock at how simple it was to cut perfect layers. Our other friends never guessed I was the one who cut it.

Have you ever cut your own hair? What technique did you use?


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  • Reply November 15, 2013

    Katrina Manning

    That is pretty neat!

  • Reply November 16, 2013


    On what planet does that look good? The end result is a hot mess!