Just Breathe


I seem to be living in a whirlwind at the moment; my to-do list growing ever longer as each day passes.

This past week has been particularly stressful and on more than one occasion, I have been reminded to ‘just breathe.’ So what do I do when I need to take five minutes?

Switch off all digital devices
Off goes the iPhone, and the iMac is sent to sleep. I admit I am a slave to modern technology, and there can be nothing more fulfilling then leaving my cellphone at home just to escape!

Open a book
I always have several books on the go. Books currently gracing my nightstand include , and . Each satisfy my need of history, current affairs and importantly some fun.

Watch my favorite shows
This is truly one of the best ways to escape from the daily grind. I’m hooked on Body of Proof starring Dana Delany, and can easily watch four episodes in a row! Escaping to a different world (whether it is fact or fiction,) can bring some much-needed clarity.

Get outside
Just to have the fresh air filling my lungs instantly calms me down! I make sure that I get out of the office each day for a walk- it focuses my mind, provides ‘me time,’ and is importantly, good for you! I always feel fighting fit and ready to take on the rest of the day afterwards.

Get musical
Pop in the earbuds and blast your favorite tunes!

I love to write, and getting my ideas out on paper really helps to clear my mind. A little bit each day, whatever the genre, can really help!

Get baking
I’m not the world’s best cook, but I do love to bake. I usually help my Mom out in the kitchen to make yummy treats including the best cupcakes! There is something therapeutic about making icing, and it’s always fun to lick the bowl afterwards!

Get moving
I love my Wii console (bowling is my favorite!) If I only have ten minutes or so to de-stress, I’ll pop on the sports game and face my digital opponent. The swordplay game is the ultimate tension burner!

Quiet time
If all else fails, I retreat into a quiet moment of reflection. Deep breaths, clearing the mind and just relax. There could be nothing better.


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