Transitioning Your Bedroom from High School to College

After successfully finishing my first semester of junior year at Wake Forest, traveling home to Richmond to be greeted by my bright yellow bedroom was the best reward. But when I walked into my room still decorated with all my high school décor, I realized almost everything has changed in the past three years except by bedroom. I like to have my room reflect my life, and since high school, I’ve definitely transformed into a different person. I have different goals, opinions, ideas, and friends. And I know a whole lot more about what I want and what I don’t whether it is in a job, friend, relationship, or in a bedroom. So with a schedule wide open, I’ve spent some of winter break decluttering and redecorating my room. As I begin the process, I’m here to share you some helpful tips I’ve discovered along the way:

1. Less is more. Try not to overcrowd your room with things. Don’t line every desk and dresser with random trinkets. Overcrowding your room can cause it to be a lot less relaxing and peaceful. You got to find the right balance between empty and chaotic, and soon you will have the perfect serene yet cozy bedroom.

2. Replace outdated pictures with those that reflect your life now. Put up pictures from college with all your new friends or adventures with the old. Make sure to leave up some classic photos from your childhood but incorporate a few different ones.

3. Christmas lights are an instant way to warm up your room and give it personality. I have a mild obsession with putting Christmas lights in my bedroom. I’ve lined my ceiling and doors with them in every dorm room and apartment and bedroom I’ve ever had. They instantly brighten up a room and make it more cozy and welcoming. Try to get white lights with a white cord if you can;they blend in the best and go with everything.

4. Take down any excessive amounts of old high school sports trophies and medals. It’s fine if you have a couple on display, but hanging ten or more medals form your mirror or lining your bookshelf with trophies is not great. If you don’t like the empty space, hang your collection of necklaces or scarves in their spot. Or put your new favorite books or jewelry boxes in their old place on the shelf.

5. Put up some college or sorority décor up to make your room your own. Have your room reflect your life by incorporating the most important things you’re involved in, obviously your college is one of them. Plus, if you’re in a sorority, painted letters, paddles, or pledge class photos are a great option too. The room instantly adopts your personality with it when you utilize more personal decorations.


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