New Year’s Resolution: Stick to One


This is the year that I am finally going to run a marathon. And ask my boss for a raise. And learn to cook. And travel to Guatemala. And I’m going to bereally good about calling my parents at least once a week.

I’ve got a New Year’s resolution that you actually need: pick one.

Come January first, we get so preoccupied with resolution frenzy. We think about all of the things we didn’t accomplish over the past year (is it really done already?) and all of our new, shiny goals just waiting to be accomplished. When February first barges through the door, our sneakers are gathering dust in the box; we remain timid with our bosses; the Chinese restaurant still knows that we order veggie lo mein every Tuesday night; and we can’t even think about paying our utility bill, let alone plan a vacation.

Instead of piling up all your resolutions on top of each other (seriously, they can’t breathe right now), stick with one…and make it realistic. Does the thought of running a marathon scare the Saucony’s off of you? Try a 5K or a half marathon first, and let that be your one resolution. Otherwise, you’ll be too tired out from the treadmill to get started on your next resolution back at home (cooking or cleaning or whatever it may be) that you’ll be burnt out by the fifteenth.

I’ve got another resolution for you (okay, I’m breaking the “only one” rule): stop being so hard on yourself. In a couple of weeks, you may determine that your resolution just isn’t working out. Move on. You don’t need January first to make a resolution. You can make it on the twentieth, or February twelfth, or even in June. If you let the hype wipe you out, you’ll be sitting on your couch circa January twenty-fifth claiming that 2013 just isn’t your year.

New year, new you…right? Sort of. You are the same person. Your actions may change, but you’re allowed to mess up. By loosening up the pressure on yourself, your resolution will be that much more attainable. When November comes around, you’ll actually be crossing the finish line in Central Park, or hosting a dinner party, or packing for your dream vacation. But just one.


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