Traveling? Here’s to living like tourist’s we are


For any of you who have traveled abroad, you know that the key is to live like a tourist. Which is easier said than done, especially when all you want is to put the map away and strut like you own the streets.

But eventually you come to find special moments that I know I’ve shared with the many cities I’ve been fortunate to live in that remind me of that perfect limbo between tourist and trusted city guide. Like following the sounds of a street band to find the metro and instead wandering into a street full of dancing strangers. Or taking the long way home only to realize you actually knew where you were going the whole time. Or – best of all – the first time that someone asks you for directions as if you have every idea where you’re going.

And with these familiar feelings comes the rush of all the preparation that went into getting there. That AP Euro will finally come in hand as you go off into the world and explore. The Mary Kate and Ashley movies are becoming reality. And you start singing a lot more frequently in the shower in anticipation of your own Lizzie McGuire moment. (Did anyone else ever become a temporary international pop star, by the way?)

But the funny thing about traveling is how quickly you’re sent back where you started but with some really huge differences that may only be visible to you. You think more and you think bigger.  Why don’t we do this everyday?

Wanting to see, try, taste, learn, grow, explore, get lost, ask, and find are such important life lessons.  These simple verbs are the very essence of our growth as people.  Why don’t we live like tourists in our own city?

There’s a good chance that you’ll be moving somewhere come August or September – back to college, to a new country, a new city, a new job. All of which means you’ll want to start taking advantage of your current location now. So keep these 3 reminders with you:

  1. Keep an open mind. Be a “yes” man to the culture, food, art, sounds, and people around you.
  2. Eyes open! And not just so you don’t bump into things. You’d be amazed what lessons can be learned from a glance or image.
  3. Be reasonably risky. Get lost on purpose, do something you’ve always wanted but never got around to, buy those new shoes – whatever.



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