Gambita Petite Fashionista

Petite Fashionist​as Unite

Life is hard as a petite, rarely being able to find a piece that naturally fits without any alterations. Fifty million women in the…

Standby Wardrobe Staples

Standby Wardrobe Staples

  1. Kent floral Blazer / 2. Skinny Jean / 3. White Tee-Baseball Tee / 4. Maycott Skirt / 5. Pearl Necklace / 6….


Making the Most of Your Closet Space

As any big city dweller knows, living space is at a premium. You pay twice as much for a space half (or more!) the…


Forming Your Fashion Identity

I go to a school where there’s a very strange mix of fashion. People have described it as this world dominated by never-ending JCrew…


Everything Emerald

earrings / brush /  makeup / Candle / Turban / Clutch / Clarisonic Mia 2/ Liberty Fleet Everything is coming up emerald… green that is! This…

sock bun

Tame That Mane

So a couple weeks ago I shared with you all my trick for curling long hair quickly, and today I am going to try…


A Touch of Gold

Gold is an iconic color that will never go out of style. From Cleopatra to Beyonce, divas have rocked it throughout the ages. It…

Fashion in Bloom

Fashion in Bloom

While there’s a serious winter storm hitting the northeast, I’m locked up in my apartment in an oversized sweater and leggings. An outfit that’s…