Three Viral YouTube Videos That You Have to See

What’s a viral video? According to, the definition of a viral video is “is a video that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email” (Mashable). This week, we’ve got a couple of great videos to share.


This first video was uploaded two days ago and already has 4,270,857 views (and counting!). In this video, YouTuber Spencer Stout created a flash mob to surprise his partner, Dustin, at a Home Depot in Salt Lake City, Utah in a surprise marriage proposal. Dustin thought he was at Home Depot to help his roommate pick out lighting for a party they were hosting. Dustin was then taken to the lumber aisle of Home Depot, where his family and friends starred in a flash mob to the song, “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who. Dustin’s family who couldn’t be there to see the proposal was shown on webcam via Laptops and iPads throughout the song so they can catch a glimpse of the proposal themselves. During the final verse of the song, Dustin’s partner, Spencer Stout, walks into the lumber aisle into Dustin’s view and Dustin is completely taken by surprise. Watch this sweet surprise unfold!



This next video was created by Jason Mortensten which got over 10,693,486 views so far! In this video, Jason sees his wife again for the first time after going through surgery to have a hernia repair to fix residual tears from another surgery he had had previously. According to Jason’s video description, this was the 5th surgery he has had during him and his wife’s 6-year marriage so far. In the previous surgery that Jason had, he explains that there were major complications that could have been fatal to his health. His wife is filming during this video, but Jason’s adorable reaction to seeing his wife again makes everyone’s heart melt.


#3-Twerking Fail—Or Not?

Do you remember the that made internet history last week? Jimmy Kimmel recently got in touch with the star of the twerking fail video, a young woman named Caitlin Heller. This video currently has 12, 165, 689 views on YouTube. In the video, Heller is shown twerking against a door when her friend comes in and knocks Heller over onto a glass table. On top of that glass table were candles and a tequila bottle. When her friend comes in and knocks Heller over, Heller falls over and into the glass table, catching fire. Little to our surprise, Jimmy Kimmel informs us that he set the whole thing up. Yep, that’s right! Kimmel said in this video that he and his team shot this video 2 months ago, and they just posted it on YouTube. Kimmel didn’t send it to any media outlets; he said he just let the “magic happen.” Plot twist! The girl in the video that gets caught on fire’s name isn’t even Caitlin! Her real name is Daphne Avalon, and she’s a stunt woman. You got us Jimmy Kimmel, well played.


These videos went viral this week and were posted all over the internet and major social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Vine. Each of these videos received over 4 million views and the numbers keep climbing! These videos are the first videos to come from these YouTube users. We wonder what’s next for these YouTube videos. Maybe an appearance on Ellen like Sophia Grace and Rosie scored?

Have you seen other videos that went viral recently?


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