Peter Ferrari Makes Atlanta His Canvas

Urban living in downtown Atlanta, Georgia is taking on a new look. Most people see the high rise buildings and busy streets, but there’s something else you should be looking for. Peter Ferrari, a native to Atlanta, paints the town with his eye catching works of art. What started as graffiti when he was in his early teens, transformed into oversized “street art” that can be appreciated by onlookers. With the use of blank walls, aerosol paint and a very talented public artist, many streets in the surrounding areas of the city are completely transformed.

Peter Ferrari 1


What exactly is a public artist? Public artists bring communal pride to urban neighborhoods by dedicating countless hours to beautifying the exterior walls of buildings. Some call it graffiti, but it is not illegal in nature. Commissioned murals and tags bring artistic focal points to otherwise mundane buildings and structures. Blank walls give the artist a channel for their thoughts and emotions to come alive on the world’s platform. And the artist gives the community a one-of-a-kind art piece right in their backyard.

PLF and Sam parker. from Keith Roberts on Vimeo.

Ferrari’s professional career began in a Montessori school teaching kindergarten. Throughout his time spent as a teacher, Ferrari continued to pursue painting and public art on the side. In doing so, he taught Atlantians about himself as an artist. Eventually it evolved into a full time gig and now his talent can be seen throughout the city. Ferrari also ventures out to other cities. He is set to begin working on a commissioned mural in Spartanburg, Tennessee on April 21 through a grant from the Johnson Collection.

Peter Ferrari 2


Artists have different approaches when it comes to creating new pieces. Ferrari explains that his best works result from artistic freedom. Fostering an idea and allowing it to grow without restrictions is the preferred process for this Atlanta artist. Ferrari’s work is featured in Cabbagetown, Castleberry Hill and Little Five Points to name a few. He has a show with fellow artist Sam Parker at Kai Kin Gallery on April 11. And if you’re interested in watching Ferrari, he will be involved in two live painting events for Forward Warrior this summer in Atlanta.

Follow Peter Ferrari on Instagram (@peterferrariart) and visit to see his latest murals.


All images by Peter Ferrari

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