The Good Wife: Changing television, changing viewers

The last two episodes of The Good Wife have changed the show, and in many ways, that of the viewer.

Remarkably, in the age of social media and the spoiler, news that Will Gardner would be leaving the popular show by an assassin’s hand did not leak, making his death even more shocking and unexpected. Those last 2 minutes of 5×15 came out of the blue, and viewers shed many a tear.

I watch plenty of television dramas, and have watched The Good Wife from the start. I watch an episode and then carry on with whatever needs to be finished- blog posts, chores, emails. But the last two episodes of the programme will just not leave my mind. The brutality and senselessness in the way in which the character died was truly horrid, and the reaction of those closest to him truly harrowing to watch.

Gun crime should never be glamourized. Its effects are life changing and harrowing for all involved, and The Good Wife has, in my opinion, accurately and rightly portrayed the death of a much-loved character in a realistic and sensitive manner. It was really interesting to see how the three main female characters responded to Will’s murder. Diane, his business partner and friend, now in sole helm of their firm has the task of carrying on Will’s legacy. Kalinda seeks retribution for her friend’s death. And Alicia is seeking for answers as to why this happened, and what Will was trying to say to her in his last moments.

We have two weeks to wait until the next episode, and Will’s departure poses many more questions on what direction the characters- and the series will take.


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