Brr It’s Cold In Here, There Must Be Some Felines In The Atmosphere

As the polar vortex quickly descends upon the great American plains, some of us are left thinking, “this frigid facial is great and all, but where’s my snow?”

via HDwallpapers1080

via HDwallpapers1080

You see, my logic is, if we’re going to be forced to frolic in temperatures nearing sub-zero, shouldn’t we at least get some powdery white heaven to chuck at an unsuspecting passer-by as well? For all of you sweet lems that are stuck somewhere sans-neige, I present to you:’s Catflakes (for all of your snow-like needs).

PurrPurr is quite possibly one of the best procrastination tools (proCATstination? anyone?) to emerge in some time. The website features Catflakes, which turns your screen into a literal flurry of cats. PurrPurr also features That Dot, which is essentially a virtual laser pointer with dozens of animated cats watching it. This stuff is brilliant.

Not only do they already have these two awesome pages, but PurrPurr purrromises three more pages, Rockats, Schrödinger’s Cat and Whac-a-cat coming soon. We can only imagine what those have in store.

via PurrPurr See what we mean!

via PurrPurr
See what we mean!

So the next time you look out of the window and are hit by a sudden wave of snowless depression, simply set your monitor to Purr Purr’s website and all of your worries will flutter away. Catflakes come in a variation of different colors, speeds, and there’s even an option for those of you who are experiencing a less than peachy day. You’ve cat to check it out!



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