Social Media Faux Pas

Social Media Faux Pas

In today’s world it is difficult to imagine what life would be like without the internet. Seldom are we ever unplugged and it’s an uphill battle to fight the urge to check your smart phone in any dull moment. As convenient as it is to have an app or website for every conceivable need, we sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed with the platforms accessible to us. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to name a few, are all sites that widen our connections with the world. Sharing our thoughts and photos have become second nature to the generation that grew up on the web. The unspoken adage of the 21st Century has become: if you’re experiencing it share it. But should this hold true? Since becoming rather addicted to many forms of social media in the past year, I have come across many examples of improper internet etiquette. I share my suggestions on how to improve your social media presence.

1. Spelling and Grammar: Twitter and text messaging have made expressing what you want to say of utmost importance, no matter what the sacrifice. Saying it with the fewest number of characters often trumps the rules of the English language. However, when I read a blog or a news article I expect there to be apostrophes in the right places and no missing words. If you forget a comma, okay, nobody’s perfect, but make sure you check for major errors before you publish. Save yourself the embarrassment and proofread!

2. Language: There are some people I follow on Facebook and Twitter that post as if only their best friends are reading. F-bombs and other questionable topics and opinions are thrown out without the slightest pause. If you have many followers, “friends,” or a public account, discussing your alcoholic tendencies or wild ways may not be the greatest idea. With all the networking opportunities presented by social media don’t blow it. Before you publish try to keep it PG. Think, would I want my grandmother to see this? If the answer is “no” don’t post it.

3. Quality: My job doesn’t give me access to a computer all day to keep up with that many forms of social media, so I focus on quality over quantity. It can get rather exhausting to give 100% to everything out there; don’t stretch yourself too thin. If you enjoy Twitter and don’t use Facebook and Tumblr, no problem! No matter what your go-to platform is, do not feel obligated to post all the time. Don’t force it, if you do what’s comfortable you’ll be fine!

The internet offers a multitude of conveniences, take advantage of what works for you and you’ll be social media savvy in no time!


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    I totally agree about the language thing. I follow a lot of people from school and the vulgarity of the language people use is appalling! Sometime I wish their grandmothers would see it!

    xo, Taylor

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    thanks for share.