Meet Designspiration: Your New Best Friend


Design lovers everywhere, eat your heart out!  You can now add Designspiration to your repertoire of inspiration-filled resources.

As someone who is no stranger to late night pinning sprees, I welcomed Designspiration with open arms.  Think design Mecca.  From architecture and art, to typography and packaging, this site has it all.

A little bit of background information:  Designspiration was founded in early 2010 by , a visual designer and entrepreneur.  The image gathering site is “focused on maintaining a high level of great design inspiration to share around the world.”  Through their commitment to facilitating an environment free of nudity, nonsense, and self-promotion, Designspiration is an amalgamation of all things design.

The site flaunts a clean, minimalist aesthetic and a user-friendly interface.  Create collections pertaining to your specific interests (business cards, layouts, and posters, to name a few) by saving images from your favorite design blogs.  Similar to Pinterest, you can follow friends and add a bookmarklet that can be downloaded directly to your toolbar for easy access.

Consensus so far:  I’m digging it.  I especially enjoy a feature, unique to Designspiration, that allows you to search their database of images by color.  Choose up to five colors and the results will yield imagery in that color set.  If you’re looking for all things cobalt blue, for example, then select that hue and voila!

Another attribute that makes Designspiration stand out from similar image collecting sites is that not just anyone can upload photos.  You have to apply for privileges to do so, which is limited to a select number of users to maintain quality throughout the website.  The selling point in using Designspiration (at least for me, anyway) is that it’s 100% design.  I like having a creative outlet to store my latest design inspirations without the distractions that come with other similar sites.

There’s no wait list to sign up for Designspiration.  Creating a profile is easy – you can add a profile picture, bio, link to your website, etc., and you’re all set.

If you’re a creative visionary in any way, or just have a deep-rooted appreciation for good design, Designspiration may be the spark of inspiration that you have been waiting to stumble across. Check it out for yourself and leave a comment below letting us know what you think!


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  • Reply October 31, 2013

    I think I’m in love! This is outstanding. I love that you can sort by colour-set.