Why We’re Obsessed with Colbie Caillat’s New Single

{Image via Colbie Caillat}

{Image via Colbie Caillat}

If you haven’t heard the latest single by Colbie Caillat through your airways yet, I suggest you give “Hold On” a listen. The last time we heard Caillat was in 2011 with her album All of You. According to an interview with Billboard.com, Caillat was supposed to have already released an album, but has so many songs she’s written over the past couple of years working with different producers because she wants to make the best record possible: “…so I’m making it harder on myself. But it’s better to wait and put out the right product than rush it.” (Billboard)

Caillat describes “Hold On” as being on the brink of a relationship ending, but being that one person who wants hold on to what you have with that other person you’re in the relationship with. “Hold On” is co-written and produced by One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, who stated Caillat’s new album is going to be “a game changer.”

“It might be one of the biggest records I’ve done in years. It’s gonna shock people. Forget ‘Bubbly,’ forget ‘Brighter Than The Sun,’ imagine starting from a clean slate. I didn’t know she could sing as good as she could, and I don’t think she did either.” (Billboard)

It sounds like Tedder and Caillat are onto something epic. You see, “Hold On” is so different than anything Caillat has done. It’s pop-y, it’s dance-y, and it’s not like soothing melodies we’re used to. From what we’ve heard, this isn’t the last of Caillat’s new style of music. According to Billboard, Caillat’s been collaborating with producers like Babyface, John Shanks and David Hodges. Caillat’s upcoming album will be an assorted collection of country, R&B, pop and reggae. So far, Caillat has 10 tracks that are definitely going to be on the record, but she says that the album will most likely drop in March and her music video coming in a couple of weeks. Take a listen for yourself below!

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