Mission For New Music? Mission Accomplished.

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not musically cool. I’m not “hip” with the things the kids are listening to these days, and whenever I do post music to Facebook or Twitter it’s usually borrowed (stolen) from one of my friends who actually follows music trends. I may not know music, but I do know what I like. And while I still maintain that Skrillex , I also think that Mission South is one of the more awesome up-and-coming bands I’ve ever heard. And lucky for anyone on the East Coast, and most likely coming to a city near you.

Mission South

The boys – Dan, John, and Max – have known each other since fourth grade and started playing together in high school. Not only is their music a cool fusion of Southern blues and folk styles, but the guys are pretty cool themselves. I’m the lucky blogger who got to know the band’s lead singer, Dan Miller, from the time that we were eighteen year-old, wide-eyed Tulane freshmen visiting the FIJI house for the first time. From then on, Dan got me hooked – both on our friendship, and on his music. I think The New Rockstar Philosophy describes the band best, saying: “If Ben Harper had a baby with Pearl Jam, and raised it on New Orleans soul, Mission South would be the result.” My take is that these guys are great for a brisk fall walk to work or to make you feel slightly less terrible about being crammed into an overcrowded subway at rush hour. These guys love their music, and you can hear their passion in the chords.

So if you’re willing to take the suggestion of someone less musically cool than, say, my fellow Sweet Lemon blogger , head on out to one of these shows. I can almost guarantee you’ll be a fan by the time Dan finishes the first chorus. Their latest release is called My favorite tracks are “Kerosene” and “Just A Lie.” All you New Yorkers can tell me your favorites at their show in NYC at Sullivan Hall this Wednesday at 8:30PM. And for all you readers outside The Empire State, feel free to comment.

Best of luck, boys! I’ll be cheering for you front row, cheap beer in hand.


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