Haim: The Coolest Sisters You’ll Ever Meet

As you know, we’ve been counting down the days until Haim’s album, Days Are Gonedropped. Well, it’s finally here! We’ve given it a good listen and we have to say, it’s pretty f*cking awesome. We’ve been a fan of  since day uno, but now that the entire album is at our Spotify fingertips, it’s been on repeat since Monday.

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The girls grew up in a musical family and even had a family band named Rockinhaim. How cute is that?! From their long locks to their simple and cool style, we have a pretty big girl crush, to say the least. The three sisters, Alana, Este and Danielle, grew up in Los Angeles and now make up this wonderful little band, along with drummer, Dash Hutton. They’ve got a cool, California rock vibe too them, but with tones of R&B and folk. They’ve even been compared to Fleetwood Mac, and we definitely can’t argue with that. We’re even getting a little Pat Benatar, which is always a good thing, in our opinion.

So go ahead and give the gals a listen and we’ll go ahead and say ‘you’re welcome’ in advance.

Oh, P.S. – It’s pronounced “HIME.”



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