3 lessons to feel Sasha Fierce

It seemed like any normal Tuesday.  I slipped into my J.Crew chinos and headed off to my internship.  Everything was normal in cubicle land when all of a sudden I remembered…I had tickets to Beyonce.

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It no longer was just Tuesday. It was the day I would share the same oxygen with The Queen. Mrs. Carter herself.

Now, I’ve been to a few concerts in my day but there was something different about this one.  I left the Verizon Center this past Tuesday a different person. Below, find 3 life lessons I learned at the Beyonce concert:

  1. Bey is woman: girl’s got curves and she does not apologize. That’s something we all should remind ourselves: embrace your body! She dresses for her body type and owns it.

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  2. Confidence is power. There’s loving a Beyonce song and then there’s deriving confidence from one. I felt like a stronger woman after that concert. While that might sound silly, she is just SO fierce. She means business when it comes to ladies getting what’s theirs.  Always remember your worth and love yourself like the wonderful (lemon) lady you are.

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  3. I should have aspired to be a back up dancer. Ok, maybe not because there’s no way I could move like that, but I wish I danced more. I’m now even more inspired to start Zumba again when I get back to school.  So many cities are opening community centers, and work out facilities that offer dance exercise classes now! What better way to exercise that break it down like Queen B?
  4. Bonus: Hearing her in and of itself. Chills.

All hail Queen B. Is she as big an inspiration to you as she is to me? Comment and let me know!



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  • Reply August 7, 2013


    I love this! She really is so fantastic. She’s got her ish together.