This Holiday Season #STAYEASY

{Image via #STAYEASY}

{Image via #STAYEASY}

It’s the holiday season. While it’s a time for reflection and giving back, it may be feeling like you need to give back to your own sanity.

Stop stressing and #STAYEASY.

Founded by Joe Rickard and brothers Josh and Matt Baker, Stayeasy Apparel is a lifestyle brand promoting a mission to “Relax. Live. Love.” It’s time to stop stressing and remember who and what is important to you.

Since it’s the season for giving, you can focus on giving back to the people who are important to you. The Women’s Heart Boyfriend V in Tri-Blend Grey would be a perfect gift for a sister, cousin or friend. It has a nice snug fit and the material is soft against the skin. Made of cotton, polyester and rayon, it’s the cozy, perfect-fit “tee you stole from your boyfriend.” This is named the boyfriend V-neck so make sure to go down a size as this particular tee runs larger. To stay warm this season, pair it with the Women’s RLL Heart Hoodie in white or pink.

{Image via #STAYEASY}

{Image via #STAYEASY}

If you are looking for a guy’s gift, I’d check out the SE Classic Beanie and the Simple Hoodie, favorites of co-founders Josh and Joe. Read on to learn about the #STAYEASY mission and what else Joe, Josh and Matt have in store this holiday season.

{Image via #STAYEASY}

{Image via #STAYEASY}

SLM: Tell us a bit more about #STAYEASY story. What brought the three of you together?

Joe: Josh and I have been friends for a few years now and we became friends through music. We decided to get together and write a song and it sparked a writing relationship and a friendship. Earlier in the year, Matt, Josh and I started printing shirts and we got really cool feedback

So we started to think how to really launch something like this: what shirts to print? We print everything by hand in Tennessee and on October 1 we had a cool launch.

Josh: Joe and I have always joked how funny it would be to make our own clothes. We thought it would be funny to have a shirt with our faces on it. It really started off as a joke.

My brother, Matt, started a screen printing business on his own so he had all the materials for production. We could make a really great product. Joe and some of his friends would always say, “Stay easy man.” The idea started in February. It just took off organically.

SLM: For your designs, where do you draw your inspiration? How has music been incorporated?

Josh: We really wanted something we wanted to wear. For Joe and I, we like simple designs. Something really basic. We are rock guys so we wear a lot of black. We wanted it to be a lifestyle brand for skateboarders, surfers with color options – a little something for everyone.

SLM: Your mission is to “Relax. Live. Love.” and is meant to encourage anyone struggling with fear, doubt or anger. What personally made you decide to showcase this mission?

Joe: With writing music, we see how caught up people get into problems that don’t matter. How stressed out people are and not enjoying their life. People get through it. There’s no point to worry your life away. Every day is a gift. We wanted people to see that through our brand.

SLM: Currently, you offer apparel and accessories for women and men and you partner with athletes as well as promote musical talent on the website. What is your next big product venture?

Joe: We want to represent this brand with different bands that need light or different skaters. We would like to work with extreme sports: surfing, skating, snowboarding, BMX. That’s a big goal for us.

Josh: I have a 5-year-old and a huge goal of ours is to go into the kids’ market. Currently, there are few items to test out. We want to make sure the product is right and not jump into anything.

SLM: What #STAYEASY apparel item or accessory do you wear the most?

Joe: I wear the black SE Tank on stage. I wear our SE Classic Beanie a lot since it’s getting cold. My lead singer wears the RLL Sleeveless Hoodie. It’s great to see him on stage wearing it and rocking it. We’ve sold out a couple of times.

Josh: I wear the black Simple Hoodie. It’s comfortable and I wear the SE Tee.

SLM: Since your mission promotes a stress-free world, what has been your biggest risk with #STAYEASY and how did you overcome it?

Joe: To me, it’s so much more than the money thing. Will people understand what we are trying to do with this brand?

Josh: We really wanted it just to be clothes. Are people going to really get this? We are pleased with the responses. Searching #stayeasy there has been such a response.

SLM: Where do you see #STAYEASY in the future?

Josh: More designs and continue to keep things simple. We’d like to continue to grow our women’s line winter wear and develop a cool kids’ brand. We’d like to find celebrities, skaters, and athletes to promote.

SLM: What is your advice to Sweet Lemon readers looking to start their own company?

Josh: Make sure it’s the highest quality possible. Make the best shirt blends. Be professional as possible in your presentation – hangtags, packaging.

People want simple designs. Realize who your market is: who are we marketing to?

Joe: Make it have a purpose. Make sure it’s something you live because it gives you more pride and more satisfaction. We are doing something real. You don’t want to create something that sells, but not something that matters.

SLM: When life gives you lemons, you?

Joe: Stayeasy.

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By Allyn Woodward

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    I just ordered some #stayeasy stuff for me and my brothers and I can’t wait to get them!!!