Who To Be For Halloween

I have always loved Halloween. I think I have more fun putting the outfit together than I do going to the party. I’m still deciding who I’ll be this year, so I thought I’d share some ideas with you all!

1. Pippi Longstocking: I love Pippi. For this costume, I’ll find overalls at Goodwill and buy fun, colored tights at Target. To get my pigtails to look like Pippi’s, I’ll braid pipe cleaners into my hair.

Who to be for Halloween

2. Dorothy: I have dressed as Dorothy before – but I was three years old, so I think it’s safe to revisit the costume. For Dorothy, I would wear a gingham dress with red shoes I already own. I would have to buy ruffled socks and ribbon for my hair. I still have the basket and stuffed Toto I used when I was younger.



3. Prince William & Kate Middleton: For a couple’s costume, I’d love to go as William and Kate (if I can talk my boyfriend, AJ, into it). For this costume, I plan to go to Goodwill and find AJ a red blazer. He can wear it with black pants and I’ll get fabric to make a blue sash. As Kate, I’ll wear a white dress or wedding dress from Goodwill. A tiara and a faux wedding ring will top off the look.

Prince William & Kate Middleton

For more Halloween costume ideas, look here to see costumes I’ve worn in the past.


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