How To Maintain Beautiful, Healthy Skin

Healthy skin
La Mer Skincare

I decided to talk about the importance of skincare products this week based on an experience I had recently. Six months ago I was getting a manicure at this nail parlor and I decided to get my face waxed on a whim. Worst idea of my life! Why you might ask? Simply because they were extremely unsanitary and as a result my clear skin started breaking out in acne. I was petrified when this happened. I had never had acne in my life before and I just didn’t know how to handle it. In the past I never took care of my skin. I used to sleep with my makeup on and I didn’t even own a moisturizer. Once I got acne I started looking into skincare lines and products. I used Proactiv but it only worked in the beginning. I then started to use Clinique but that too only worked for a short period of time. I thought there was no solution until one day a friend of mine introduced me to La Mer. I bought their cleansing foam, their tonic, the concentrate and the moisturizing gel cream. Within weeks I started noticed a big difference in my skin. After two months, all my acne disappeared. I still use these products. I learned that I should never sleep with my makeup on and that I should treat my skin properly so I can age well.

Here are a few steps every girl should follow to ensure clear skin:

1. Always wash your face before you go to bed and once you wake up with a good face wash.

2. After you wash your face, use a toner.

3. End the process by applying moisturizer to your face and neck.

4. During the day, DO NOT FORGET SUNSCREEN! It is the MOST important step in maintaining healthy skin I use the SPF 30 UV by La Mer.

Extra: If you want long lashes, then I highly recommend using lash serums! Apply it on your lashes before you go to bed EVERY night.


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