“The Time Is Now”


Right now.  This is the time. What have you been dreaming about? Your heart’s desire?  What is it? Can you define it? Have you given up on your true most inner wishes and thoughts?  The time is now to imagine those thoughts forward. Define them. Know them in your heart and your mind.  Let your right brain dream it, and let your left brain know it as truth.  The time is now to love and be loved in return.  To be vulnerable, sweet, first kisses and butterflies in your tummy.  Break down your walls and let your inner self run, play and skip, and sing with joy. Today is the time to buy yourself roses.  To understand the power of forgiveness, the time to say I’m sorry.  The time is now to show love to a friend in need.  To hold a hand, or share a smile.  Right now in this very moment is the second to start loving yourself more, to celebrate you.  There is no one else in the entire world just like you.  You being you, there is no greater gift to be given than the special talents that only you posses.   Right now is the time to recognize old patterns are they serving you well or slowing you down? It is the time to stop giving into the resistance of your ego, and let your spirit and intuition guide you.  Right now is the time to put worry aside and live in the present moment.  Not the past or the future, right now.  Exactly now.  Slow down and look around you, enjoy the beauty you might have missed in a rush.   Say a prayer of thanks for all the blessings you have received because even in your darkest hours, you know that there is always light around the corner.  Stand up for yourself, let your voice be heard.  There is nothing truly more tragic than letting your voice be quiet.  Be grateful every day for the even the smallest of goodness in your life.   The Universe never gives up on us.  There is no race to win, no finish line to reach on time.   It is never too late, you are never too old, or too broke, or too tired.  Really there is no rush, but what better time to start than now?


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