Three Tips for Planning Your Future Party

My friend and I were talking about hosting events recently, and we both came to the same conclusion: there’s something slightly overwhelming about planning a party in our twenties. Why? We both love style (possibly too much), and we want our parties to be on trend, classic, and budget friendly without giving even the slightest of nods to our former Solo cup college days.

Because I know the two of us are not the only Lemon ladies seeking to host a memorable get together with our closest friends, here are three easy steps to jumpstart your party planning process without becoming overwhelmed:


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1. Decide on a Theme: Prior to choosing your color palette and all of the pretty details you want to include, decide on a time and theme. Do you and your friends love brunching on Sunday mornings, or are you dreaming of a formal cocktail party? Know that an event held during the day is likely to feel much less formal and much more relaxed than one held at night, and your style, food, and drinks will also differ greatly.

2. Build an Inspiration Board: From blogs to Pinterest, there is so much inspiration on the web alone, and your friends will likely offer more. As a result, pull together your favorite pieces of inspiration – colors, patterns, textiles, and even food – and create a board to refer back to over and over again. Once you’ve created your board – whether it’s online or on a bulletin board – stop looking for inspiration. Doing this will help keep you focused and having fun with your planning process without becoming overwhelmed.

3. Shop Smart: Styling your party does not have to cause a war with your bank account. My grandmother has the best collection of English teacups, saucers, and plates perfect to borrow for a vintage-themed tea party with friends, but I have been investing in classic white pieces, like plates and cake stands, that I know I will use at every party no matter the style or color palette. Further, rather than calling a florist to create a centerpiece, create your own by purchasing a bouquet from a farmer’s market (Trader Joe’s is also a great source!). No one said your dessert has to be over the top. Box cakes from Betty Croker are my go-to, and I’m not afraid to admit it!

Weigh in: what are your first steps to planning your parties? Describe your favorite event you have hosted for friends? I can’t wait to hear!


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