The Newbies’ Guide to Surviving NYC

I started following Refinery29 because Rachel Zoe told me to (which is probably a good enough reason why you should too). I could end there and just give you the link, but WHERE is the fun in that!?

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The mothership of all things fashion, beauty, living, and entertainment- the team at R29 can give you the “daily dose of awesome” that you’ll need on those slow days in the office. My Twitter, Instagram, and Inbox are always sprinkled with tons of R29 love, and I’ll be the first to shout from the mountain tops that the love is mutual.

The best part about Refinery29, for me, is the ‘cities’ tab…more specifically the ‘NYC’ tab. I always knew I wanted to start my career in New York, and my internship this summer helped solidify that dream. The only thing standing in my way now is a little thing called senior year. Don’t worry though, I’m making sure to treasure every sweet college life moment while I still can. In the mean time, however, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite R29 posts about the city that I think will be helpful when I get ready to make the big transition.

With that, I Present to you, the NYC Survival Guide for us newbies:

The Little Black Book of Beauty (NYC Edition)*** 3 stars for emphasis on this one
Cool Happy Hour Spots & What To Wear to Them All
Best Cheap Eats
How to Make Your Tiny Apartment Look Not So Tiny
Best Juice Bars…I’m assuming that I’m going to need to get into this when I move down there
NYC Yoga Map

The Ultimate NYC Margarita Map …an essential
Best NYC Food Trucks

I hope that some of you will find this guide useful, and for the girls that are already in the city…is there anything that I’m missing? Speaking on behalf of all NYC-newbs, I can use all of the help I can get!


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  • Reply September 15, 2012


    having lived in new york for a few years working in the fashion industry & media… i have a life size love affair with this great city. there is nothing like it. i have such an itch to go back this fall. a piece of my heart will always be in new york city! xoxo