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“I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn’t fall down.” ~Allen H. Neuharth

Post Grad > College

I often speak about the disillusionment that comes with life after college. It’s like this gaping black hole where your set expectations about yourself and your comfort zone used to be and it can be a disturbingly hollow feeling. However, at the same time it’s a blessing in disguise. Finally away from your environment, you can completely start over and become the person you want to be.

To be perfectly honest I was a walking train wreck in college. Like most girls my age I had alcoholic tendencies and was plagued by boy problems (a fraternity’s worth.) Throw in that I was a writer majoring in graphic design and wasn’t exactly fond of project critiques by teachers and classmates — and you can understand why I found solace in going out as much as humanly possible. My junior year everything changed when I spent six months interning as a copywriter for a luxury ad agency in NYC.

I discovered that I was skilled in my field of choice (thank G-d), that I was deliriously happy living in the ‘city that never sleeps’, but most importantly I loved what I was doing. Fast forward to senior year and I realized I didn’t really care about partying anymore. Yes I would go to the requisite basements and drink the nectar that is ‘Natural Light Ice’ (I’m allergic to food coloring and would get hives and have allergy attacks at parties from drinking jungle juice. Yes I still drank it because I’m an idiot) but I focused more on getting freelance work, blogging and building my portfolio. Lo and behold come graduation I was one of the scant people in my major with a job.

Yes there are times when I feel completely isolated because of my distance from old college friends and more importantly my family, but running on good faith in yourself is nearly as intoxicating as the free open bars that NYC is riddled with. I made new friends in my field who are incredibly driven and talented, and not only do we share the same values and interests but they’re an amazing network that I’ve only just begun to collaborate with. I work my ass off and occasionally reap recognition and benefits, but I understand that I’m still going to be paying my dues for the first few years. One thing’s for certain, the future I’m working towards looks bright and I can’t wait to meet it. How’s that for disgustingly optimistic?

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