Career Talk: Finding your M.O.

Whatever industry you’re going into- whether you’re a recent grad or still in college, the best thing you can do for yourself is get in the know. An important first step in turning your dream job into a reality is educating yourself. Nothing says “Hire Me!” better than a well spoken, well informed candidate (I’ll add well dressed to that list too). Finding what your passionate about is the hard part. Once you have that “Aha!” moment, becoming an expert in your field of choice will be #1 on your To Do list.

Career Talk: Finding your M.O.
For those of you interested in the fashion business like myself, Business of Fashion is a great website to start paying attention to. A widely used resource by industry hopefuls and connoisseurs alike, BoF delivers up to date fashion intelligence with an analytical and opinionated point of view. Certainly a must have subscription. Did I mention it’s free??

Career Talk: Finding your M.O.

Recently, BoF teamed up with Áslaug Magnúsdóttir, co-founder and CEO of online luxury pretailer Moda Operandi. This new BoF series, written by Áslaug, is called Finding Your M’O. She discusses her experiences at the helm of a fashion technology start-up, and gives advice on how to become a successful leader and entrepreneur. These articles are extremely inspiring, so I felt the need to pass them along to the Zesty Digest!

Here you go:
Part 1: From Big Idea to Launch
Part 2: The Need for Speed
Part 3: The Business Plan is Your Roadmap
Part 4: Making the Most of Mentorship

For updates on the rest of this series, subscribe to BoF – and if you haven’t checked out Moda yet, do so immediately!



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