Life is a Highway

cross country


As you read this post, I’m crammed in a little red car, hopefully passing the West Virginia mountains into Kentucky. I’m in the midst of helping my best friend move from Baltimore to Los Angeles in just four days.


Sure, it’s a time crunch, tiresome, and daunting but most of all- it’s an ADVENTURE! Any sort of experience like this you pack light and you repeat outfits. This may be hard for some of you to comprehend but when every piece of clothing your friend owns is crammed behind you and your feet rest on a table lamp and two wooden pictures frames- you have to make some serious wardrobe decisions.


I’m packing for comfort- yoga pants, tshirts, flip flops, and the like. And if you don’t have Spotify Premium, get it NOW- it’s going to be saving our sanity on Route 66. Be sure to follow me on my cross country road trip by way of Baltimore through St. Louis then Las Vegas and into Los Angeles. You can find photos and musing of my trip on , , and my . (I’ll also be sharing the sights and sounds from a newly purchased flip cam upon my return!)


Here’s to hoping I don’t eat three bags of Doritos in four days. Yikes!




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