Grazie Mille, 1,000 Thanks!

This morning I woke up so refreshed and rested as I stretched and softly opened my eyes, I felt as if butterflies could have flown out of my hair and into the spring air, I was so happy!!! I have had some nights of not so great sleep and I was so thankful to wake up with a clear and rejuvenated mind.  To my further satisfaction as I made my way to bathroom mirror I happily noticed my little wrinkles also enjoyed a beauty sleep and today my face was as smooth as porcelain.  So far I have been awake for 5 minutes and I am already winning.  I pull back the blackout curtains to reveal an already sunny day.  Cue the Pharrell, it’s 8 am and I am ready to start my happy dance!  Perhaps all my mornings could be this great?? Could I possibly have a reason to wake up with a smile everyday?


In a recent effort to sustain more satisfaction and pleasure in my everyday, I have decided to start a gratitude practice.  Beginning with a feeling of gratitude every day attracts more things into my day to be happy and grateful about.  The 7-block walk to the train is a great time to notice life happening around me, the entire neighborhood buzzing with activity.  Almost always I witness a small moment playing out before me that makes me smile and laugh. I hang onto that good vibe, never taking it for granted.  Serendipity and magic should never be overlooked!  Saying “Thank you” for pleasing things, big and small, also connects me with a Higher Power.  It is so easy to get wrapped in the dramas of human life.  Making a conscious effort to really reflect on all the wonderful things encountered feels special, sweet as if somehow being loved and taken care of by something greater than your own self.  Sensing and understanding that feeling of connectedness brings loads of comfort, peace and ability to know pleasure. The Universe always has my back, that sunshine and love fills me.

Of course it is so easy to be grateful when I wake up rested with no beauty imperfections, but what about the days when I see more clouds than sunshine?  Perhaps this is when gratitude is the most important, because you really have to see the silver lining.  You have to drill down past the obvious negative, and see what tiny positivity is lurking beneath all the disappointment or suffering.  Somehow there is still something to be thankful for in every bad moment.

There are many ways to implement a practice of gratitude in your life.  I have a lovely gratitude journal.  Every day I start my morning with making a list of all things I am grateful for.  I thank The Universe for every thing.  For the F train running on time, for the music in my headphones, and then I mix up those small blessing with really big ones.  Thank you Universe for my spiritual growth and conscious awakening.  It seems as if the more I want to say thank you, the more I have to celebrate.  What do you have to be thankful for?  Take a moment to just play the reel in your mind of beautiful feelings, happenings, and serendipitous moments. Let your heart express its appreciation of the value of your journey, knowing that life is truly beautiful!



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  • Reply May 29, 2014

    Shayda Nematollahi

    What a beautiful read! There is always something to be grateful for even in our darkest moments. It’s amazing when you begin practicing gratitude you attract even more greatness into your life!