Gardening From Your Laptop With Sprout It

 Sprout It App

By now you’ve probably started your spring garden, but what if you’re just not sure how to take care of those little seedlings or when the right time to pick that pepper? Well, as with all the important things in life, there’s an app for that.

Say hello to Sprout It, a Miracle-Gro-backed app that keeps track of your garden for you, and sends gentle reminders right to your inbox on the status of your bounty. For now the app is focused on growing vegetables and herbs, 22 in all, but plans to be available on your phone with more than 60 varieties of plants to track sometime this summer.

If you have yet to plant your green space and are wondering where to start, wonder no more. Sprout It provides the best veggies and herbs for you to grow based on your zip code, and provides you with all the information you need to grow happy plants. How much sun and water your plant will need, how easy it is to grow, and a slew of other tips and tricks are all there for you, way more info than the tag at the garden store can provide you.

It doesn’t matter what color your thumb is, thanks to Sprout It, it’s never been easier being green.


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